Explore Korea’s traditions, rich culture, food, and natural wonders.

Traditional Treasure

  • Witness well-preserved sights, like palaces, shrines, and natural wonders.
  • There are 13 UNESCO World Heritage sites to visit, including Bulguksa Temple and volcanic Jeju Island.

Abundance in Culture

  • From ancient traditions to modern marvels, Korea is culturally diverse.
  • Visitors can experience traditional culture like dressing in Hanbok, a templestay, hanok stay and more.
  • Many K-pop themed tours and programs are available.
  • K-beauty experiences are accessible.

Perfect for Foodies

  • Experience the fascinating and vibrant food culture.
  • Taste many iconic delicacies like Kimchi, Japchae, Bulgogi, Bibimbap, and various street foods.
  • Korea is the place where visitors can give a relishing experience to their taste buds.

Breathtaking Scenery

  • Korea’s charming nature will mesmerize visitors at any season they visit.
  • Spring: Cherry Blossom.
  • Summer: Flower Fields.
  • Autumn: Colorful Foliage.
  • Winter: Snow-covered mountains.

Tradition and Modernity

  • See and experience the cultural mix of old and new.

Multi-centered Country

  • Incheon International Airport serves as a hub of transport in Northeast Asia.
  • Easily reach Japan and China by ferry and plane.


  • Here, you can visit filming locations, relax at a beauty spa, and learn how to dance like your favorite K-pop stars.

Easy to Get Around

  • Korea’s public transportation is very convenient and accurate.
  • The transportation networks are very reliable.
  • English signage and the 1330 Korea Travel Hotline make it easy to travel.

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