Almost 80 percent of the country is covered in mountainous terrain. With so many small mountains and large hills, it’s easy to find great mountain hiking spots wherever you go.

Odaesan Mountain
(Pyeongchang, Gangwon-do)

  • Located in the central and eastern part of Gangwon-do.
  • Designated a national park in 1975, including an area of 298.5 square kilometers centered on the highest peak, Birobong Peak (1,563 m).

Taebaeksan Mountain
(Taebaek, Gangwon-do)

  • One of the three sacred mountains of Korea, the sunrise observed at Cheonjedan peak (1567 m) is simply breathtaking.
  • Rather high but easy to hike since it is relatively smooth and has few cliffs.

Bukhansan Mountain

  • Situated in the northern part of Seoul with 13 trails.
  • Designated as a national park in 1983.
  • Three major peaks: Baegundae (836.5 m), Insubong (810.5 m), Mangyeongdae (787 m).

Hallasan Mountain
(Jeju Island)

  • Korea’s tallest mountain (1947 m) located on the southernmost part of the peninsula.
  • A young volcanic mountain, believed to have erupted 25,000 years ago.
  • Baerokdam, a crater lake, presents a magical view.